Epping Primary School

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What Our Parents and Carers Think

Message from parents/carers during lockdown 

As a grandmother of two of your pupils, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful support you have given your pupils during these very difficult times.

Your outstanding planning, suggested activities and additional support has surpassed all expectations.  As all of my grandchildren’s parents have had to work from home, they, like so many others, have struggled to homeschool their children. I have tried my best to support them, by giving  daily help to each one via the Internet.

Thank you and well done Epping Primary. You are a credit to the educational system.

Please can we pass on to you and your Senior Support Team that we so appreciate everything that you are doing to support everyone connected to the school in such unprecedented times.

Thankyou for the continued contact, updates and accountability that EPS has shown in the last 4 months. It has been invaluable.

I would like to thank you and all of your staff for showing such dedication - it is clear for us to see - please would you share this with everyone!

I thought I would drop this e-mail to you all to say Thank You. 

I would imagine the last couple of weeks has been challenging in every aspect, and now that some of the children have returned,  presents a whole lot of other new challenges.
I want just want to say that, as a family, we appreciate all you are doing and have done and thank you again."

This is just a quick line to say thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, during the pandemic.  The home learning has been consistently extensive and varied. Due to our circumstanceswe were not able to do as much of the work as I would have liked but I never felt under pressure to be doing more than we could manage. Ms H and Mrs C were so positive and encouraging and replied very quickly to everything our child submitted, which he was always so excited about. I am aware of other parents, who have been able to do more, that have said that the routine of the work  “kept them going” and gave their families a focus and structure.

The school has obviously worked exceptionally hard to provide education, information, support and reassurance whilst navigating the constantly evolving situation

When we decided to send our child back to school, I was reassured by the guidance given. He has loved being back at school. He enjoys telling us about the changes there. On arrival for the first day, the staff were so calm and positive towards both parents and children. I felt confident leaving him there despite how different it would be. When Miss G telephoned the day before, she sounded so enthusiastic and reassuring. Our child was very excited to know I had spoken to her

A comment from a keyworker:

The school has been great. Yes it is a lot of stuff that gets sent but we can pick what needs to be done and what our kids can cope with. Thank you also for my child's school days. They have been academic but also fun, with arts and crafts and sport.

And not at all rigid..Great teachers👍🎶

Message from a parent

I think that the work set has been great. Structured, varied, interesting, and just the right amount. The communication from Mrs Phillips has been excellent - really encouraging, and specific to my child. I’m very impressed with everything the school have done during this lockdown.

EHCP Coffee Morning Feedback

During our recent coffee morning for parents and carers of children with EHCPs we were delighted to hear thank you for this morning, it always amazes me how hard you all work’ from a Year 3 parent/carer.

Reading Volunteer Training

After the recent Reading Volunteer Training we received some great feedback, it is wonderful to see how well we are working as a school with our parents and carers to further benefit our pupils.

  • Organised sessions with appropriate and informative resources, delivered in a friendly and knowledgeable way. I feel supported and confident.  Definitely recommended!! Many thanks.
  • Great knowledge of ways to read to the pupils and report to the teacher, tools to use, language and how to make it fun and informative.  Really helped me with my own children at home too.  Thank you.

Parents and Carers Questionnaire

Following the Parent's and Carers Questionnaire in the summer we had some extremely positive feedback.  It is wonderful to read that we are a 'great school' and we are delighted to share this with you.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and responded to the questionnaire.

  • Teachers are very approachable should there be any problems. I know everyone at school works very hard to make it a wonderful environment for our children. Overall very happy with the school and our daughters teachers
  • My children really like the way that you use outdoor learning / learning classroom routinely in teaching. 
  • On the whole I find communication with the school brilliant, between parent mail class dojo and the website. I think it works very well. I also have loved all the trips and workshops over the course of this year and think the school does a great job with fundraising
  • Teachers very friendly and approachable.
  • Sports provision has been great. The schools lunches are excellent quality.
  • She seems very happy at EPS and has been a good foundation for secondary school
  • Both my girls have had a great year and both improved with their maths which they struggled with
  • We have had a fantastic year with extremely proactive teaching. Their positive attitude and confidence building has been beneficial.
  • School has really improved communication between parents and school
  • Fantastic school with a strong team very pleased with education my children are receiving
  • I am very happy with how my child has settled into EPS. She loves school and I think that is to do with how good her teachers are.
  • All good
  • Staff are very good at communicating our sons learning needs and supporting him
  • Picnic Thursday is a great idea.
  • Very Happy
  • My child has been well supported in this school. I have been impressed with the quality of teaching.
  • I like the dojo system and regular updates for parents. I love the growth mindset approach.
  • I think the feedback from the school is great. I think the variety of formats is also good.
  • Professional Team
  • My daughter has had a happy and settled year. Her teacher is kind and patient; we are really, really pleased with our daughters progress
  • Generally very happy and I think the school always looks very smart, brilliant displays etc.
  • I think communication from the school is very good. Teachers have been very responsive when I have questions about my daughters progress
  • We all like the school and think my children are making good progress
  • Both of my children are very happy here
  • School has been excellent, thank you for looking after and teaching our children
  • Very kind and understanding teachers and support workers
  • 10/10 EPS – teachers are always lovely looking for ways to improve.