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Support and wellbeing during school closure

During this time that school is closed it is important to pay attention to our own wellbeing and that of those around us.  You might be feeling overwhelmed, sad, or confused about the outbreak of coronavirus and feel worried about yourself, or your family and friends.

This is completely normal – things keep changing as we learn more about the virus, schools have closed, and people are now self-isolating to protect themselves and others.

Please use the useful links, mindfulness tips and ideas for keeping active to help you with your wellbeing at this time.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a new illness that is affecting people across the world. It's caused by a virus which affects people's lungs and airways. 

The symptoms are usually high fever and a cough you haven’t had before.

Most people who get COVID-19 or coronavirus will recover fully without ever needing to see their doctor or GP. And experts in the UK and across the world are working on treatments and ways to keep everyone safe.

For much more information and advice download the latest guidance from Public Health England here...

How to help your wellbeing

To maintain your wellbeing, it's important to keep talking and to keep mentally and physically active. There are also a number of very useful apps and online resources for you and your child.

As a school we use zones of regulation to help us all regulate our actions, children should be encouraged to talk about what zone they are in and to think about what tool they can use from their toolbox to help them.

YMCA Essex

The YMCA is offering a range of support services during the lockdown; Family Support, Digital Youthwork, Online Early Years, and Housing and Welfare support. 

Whilst they are engaged in all these areas currently they have also worked to make extra capacity available at this time.

You can find out more about their four areas of activity here...

Essex County Council

Essex County Council have produced an excellent factsheet with top tips for staying emotionally healthy during self-isolation: 

Download this here...


Mindfulness Apps and Resources.

Smiling Minds

Recommended by EWMHS Essex, the Smiling Minds app is used extensively in school, so the children should be very familiar with it. 

Download it at: Smiling Minds

During this period Smiling Minds have also launched a new initiative called 'Thrive Inside' in the app; to help you stay calm and healthy within your home, while remaining calm and healthy inside your mind. 

Positive Penguins

Positive Penguins is a lovely meditation app for children, developed to help them understand why they feel the way they do and help them challenge their negative thinking

Download it at: Positive Penguins

Other recommended apps are:

Dreamy Kid - meditation for children.

Headspace - mindfulness for the whole family, with a free 'weathering the storm' area specifically for this time.

Calm - there is a section for children, as well adults.

Cosmic Kids - yoga and mindfulness videos for children.

Physical Activity

Joe Wicks will be offering free ‘PE lessons’ via his YouTube channel – The body coach.
Get up and give it a try and stay active!!

Mr J is also posting tips and hints, as well as PE activities, on Class Dojo - keep an eye out for these and get outside where possible.

Where to go for help – some more ideas


Childline - 0800 1111



NSPCC - 08088 005 000



Mind - 0300 123 3393


Anna Freud