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Pictures of Our Work




Wellbeing Days October 2020 (29 images)

We all had a wonderful two days for Wellbeing week this terms, pupils took part in a huge range of activities, from exploring how different music made them feel, yoga and exploring nature to mindful colouring, designing their own wellbeing toolboxes, connecting with others through sharing poetry and even taking part in cheerleading sessions in Year 6,.

Virtual Art Day 2020 (15 images)

Last week saw our first ever Virtual Art Day. Each year group studied a different artist creating work inspired by that artist.

Commemorating VE Day at Home (42 images)

It was wonderful to see so many pupils posting photos of the activities they did to celebrate VE Day. Lots of pupils chose to bake an assortment of cakes and pastries, design medals, learn the lindy hop and some even had street celebrations following social distancing guidelines.

Christmas Tree Festival 2019 (4 images)

A huge thank you to all parents/carers who were able to come in to help make the Christmas decorations recently, we hope you enjoyed your time in class amongst the glue and glitter! I'm sure you will all agree that the decorations looked amazing! Some of these decorations have now been displayed on our tree at the Christmas Festival at St Johns Church which opens tomorrow at 1pm until 2pm Monday 9th December. We hope you will all have the opportunity to visit St Johns Church to marvel at this wonderful display. The rest of the decorations have been used to decorate our classrooms and our school Christmas trees, and they are all looking beautifully festive.

Royal Post for Maple Class (4 images)

As part of their deforestation topic at Epping Primary School, pupils from Maple Class have been learning all about the effects of deforestation on the rainforests and the climate. They created some wonderful presentations and shared them within the school. But that wasn't enough for our ecologically aware Maple Class. They were so motivated by what they learnt that they were moved to take the matter much higher, writing letters to the Prime Minister; Environment secretary, Michael Gove, as well as the Queen herself. They were very excited this week to hear back from the Queen and the office of the Prime Minister! Hopefully Mr Gove's reply will shortly be on its way too. Well done Maple Class.

Science Club Science Fair (29 images)

Our amazing Science Club have been very productive this term and have been working on some fascinating projects, including all about albino animals, extracting iron from cereal, making foamy snakes from yeast and hydrogen peroxide (!), what happens when plants are in different liquids and lots more. They recently held a Science Fair to demonstrate the projects they have researched and designed independently, the fair was visited by lots of very impressed pupils! Well done Science Club!

Aspen Class Persuasive Writing. (5 images)

Would you like a pet? Aspen Class would! As part of their persuasive writing work they have been writing to their parents to persuade them to get a pet. Good luck Aspen..although not too sure a crocodile would make a great pet!

Magic Maths Monday - January 2019 (8 images)

For our first Magic Maths Monday of 2019 we focused on maths in art. We looked at work by Piet Mondrian, identifying parallel, horizontal and vertical lines. Year 6 used rulers and protractors to draw accurate 2d shapes inspired by Paul Klee's castles and sun pictures. In Year 2 the pupils produced some wonderful floral work whilst working on fractions and dividing shapes.

Christmas Tree Festival 2017 (9 images)

Wow! So many wonderful decorations were made by all the children with their parents and carers for our tree at the Tree Christmas Tree Festival at St Johns Church. The finished result looks absolutely fantastic. Well done everyone!

Youth Makes Art Exhibition 2017 (4 images)

4 of the entries for the Rotary Club Youth Makes Art Exhibition 2017. Artists had to be aged 10 or over. Well done to Lauren, Isabelle, Anita and Anna from year 5.

Art Week February 2017 (9 images)

As part of Art week last month we were very lucky to have Peter Swidrak into school as our Artist in Residence! Peter set up a gallery of 15 famous art works and helped us to look more deeply into these pieces.

Brain Stretchers (11 images)

Some wonderful examples of our Brain Stretchers.

Christmas Tree Festival 2016 (4 images)

Epping Primary made some wonderful decorations for the Christmas Tree Festival at St John's Church.

Artwork Summer 2016 (13 images)

Summer term art work from around the school.

The Dot - Artwork Summer 2015 - 16 (12 images)

Inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’s The Dot, pupils have made their own journey of creative discovery and, linked with Magic Maths Mondays, made circles and dots into wonderful colourful pictures. The work has also been made into a whole school display.

Artwork Spring 2015-16 (13 images)

Pupils from each year group showcase their artwork around the school in Spring 2016.

Artwork Autumn 2015-16 (14 images)

Pupil's artwork from around the school

Our work (11 images)

A gallery of art work from all the classes